4 Yoga Positions You Can Perform Anytime, Anywhere.

The Dalai Lama was quoted: “Calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence, so thats very important for good health”. We at Medisafe strongly believe in that mind- body connection, so in honor of Yoga Awareness Month, we bring to you 4 yoga positions that can be performed anywhere you may be.

1. While working at the office: Yoga breathing
With all the stress work brings into our lives, try taking a few moments to breathe in some positive air, and exhale any negativity or frustrations that accumulated throughout the day. Try this easy and quick yoga exercise at any point of your day when sitting at your desk:
“Inhale deeply through the nose, allowing the belly to rise as the air first fills the belly then the ribs and finally the chest. Exhale through the nose, allowing the air to release first from the chest then the ribs then the belly as the belly sinks back towards the body.” (as described on Care2)
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2. While sitting in the car: Ankle and wrist rolls
Sitting in the car is a perfect time to loosen your ankle and wrists joints. Roll your ankles and wrists in clockwise circles, then do the same counter-clockwise.
3. During a flight: Neck & Shoulder Rolls

When you’re sitting on a plane there really is no better time to stretch your muscles.
Care2 suggests this exercise to relieve neck, shoulder and upper back tensions. here’s a step by step:
1. Begin with a deep inhale and exhale.
2. Inhale again and lengthen your spine. Slowly tilt your head by lowering the right ear to the right shoulder. Exhale and roll your chin down to your chest.
3. Inhale and continue rolling your neck till your left ear reaches your left shoulder. Exhale, rolling your chin back down to the chest.
Repeat this five times with your eyes closed.
4. Inhale and roll your shoulders forward and up to your ears.
5. Exhale, rolling the shoulders back and towards the floor, allowing the shoulder blades to slide down the back.
Repeat five times in both directions.

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4. While waiting for a bus or sitting on the toilet: Arm stretching
with your back straight, put your hands together and link your fingers. push your arms downwards with the palms of your hands facing down. inhale and slowly lift your arms high to the ceiling, your palms should now be facing the sky.
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