4 Reasons You Should Listen to Darth Vader About Your Meds

We at Medisafe are also super hyped about the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie! In fact, this blog post is inspired by the master of the dark side – Darth Vader. We chose to share some of his unforgettable quotes to inspire you to overcome the dark side and stick to your medications.
“I find your lack of faith disturbing”
Darth Vader 5Darth Vader is absolutely right about this one. When trying to take control of your health , rule number one is to believe in yourself. Keep up that positive thinking, some research says it can even affect your health! To help you stay in the positive zone, we created some awesome and fun Medtones to remind you to take your meds. Get into the Star Wars spirit by having Darth Vader as your reminder! Watch out, he threatens to take you over to the dark side if you don’t mark your meds as taken 🙂

Darth Vader 6
 “I am your father!”
If you’re a father, you must know how hard it is to keep track of your kids meds and vitamins. With Medisafe you can add your children as dependents and get reminders when it’s time for them to take their meds. It’s that easy to free yourself from worrying. (To learn how, click here)

Darth vader 7“If you only knew the power of the dark side”
Darth Vader knows the power of the dark side, but he clearly doesn’t  appreciate the power of friendship the way we do. We recently discovered that adding a friend or family member as your “Medfriend” can improve your medication compliance by 17%! Take our suggestion, stay away from the dark side and instead add a Medfriend (to learn how, click here)
Darth Vader 2“No. Leave them to me. I will deal with them myself”
Yes! That’s just what we wanted to hear. Our goal is that you have all of the tools and support you need to manage your meds on your own. From tracking your vitals to sending your doctor a status report, we believe that with Medisafe’s features – the keys to your health are in your hands.
Click the video below to hear how Darth Vader can convince you or your loved ones to stay on track with their meds.

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May the force be with you,
The Medisafe team


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